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  • Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 15:40:52 -0500

I have about ten routes left to fill for the owl survey.  If you have interest 
in helping out, please sign up via the website below.  Thanks.


Ryan Brady
Research Scientist
Bureau of Wildlife Management
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
2501 Golf Course Road
Ashland, Wisconsin 54806
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(*) e-mail:     ryan.brady@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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        From:   Brady, Ryan S - DNR  
        Sent:   Friday, March 16, 2012 12:06 PM
        To:     WBCIing@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; wisbirdn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
        Subject:        Owl Surveyors Needed

        Greetings fellow birders,

        The 2012 Western Great Lakes Owl Survey is just a few weeks away, with 
observers conducting a single survey of their roadside route between April 1 
and 15.  Thanks to the many dedicated volunteers from previous years who are 
returning for another season, a good number of routes are already accounted 
for.  However, I need your help in filling the routes that remain open.  Visit 
the survey's website below to view route availability and locations and to sign 


        All new surveyors must pass a brief certification procedure prior to 
the actual survey dates.  Routes will be assigned first-come, first-serve but 
keep in mind I need to manually approve your request so it may take a few days 
before the map symbol changes from green (available) to red (assigned).  You 
also will receive an email reply from me one way or another in that time.


        Ryan Brady
        WBCI Bird Monitoring Coordinator
        Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
        2501 Golf Course Rd., Ashland, WI, 54806
        (*) phone:      (715) 685-2933
        (*) cell:       (715) 421-9018
        (*) fax:        (715) 685-2909
        (*) e-mail:     ryan.brady@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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