[wisb] Oregon Dark-eyed Junco at Harrington Beach

  • From: Tim Hahn <thahnbirder@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wisbirdn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 08:18:04 -0500

I stopped at a few places along the lake yesterday, including Lions Den, the
old Squires Golf Course, and Harrington Beach.  None of the spots produced
anything too special, but each had a decent number of birds.  I was able to
find one Nashville Warbler at Lions Den.  The Squires had very typical
species for this time of year.  A female Bufflehead was hanging out with
about twenty Mallards in a small pond. I was very surprised to see this
diver on such a small body of water.  It quickly flushed, however, as the
flock flew toward the lake.  The coolest bird I saw all day was at
Harrington Beach.  Along the paved path where it passes closest to the
beach, I was sitting at a picnic table scanning a flock of mixed sparrows
and found a OREGON Dark-eyed Junco.  Although I had never seen this
sub-species before, it was obviously different than the other juncos with
the dark black head, brown back and buffy sides.  I only saw it for about
ten seconds as it flew into the forest with its buddies, and I could not
relocate it.  Also at Harrington Beach I saw a female Pileated Woodpecker.
 Eastern Phoebes and Hermit Thrushes were by far the most common species I
saw on the day... after the chickadees of course.

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