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  • Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2011 21:46:35 -0500 (CDT)

The ongoing work on the CGI that Tim mentions is the diking and ditching of a 
10' berm around the entire fill perimeter to increase volume for more fill. The 
cutting of the weeds providing a temporary buena vista is so that they can lay 
down a heavy layer of plastic that will support the berm and  trucks. After 
this work is completed this fall there will be even less of a chance of any 
mudflat viewing. 

John I

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If you do visit this spot, be sure to stay for a while rather than just
taking a glance.  There are a few pools throughout the area, but only two
pools are  accessible/visible to the public, and the main pool is best seen
from the top of the hill along the road.  Give yourself some time to see
birds come and go, as many birds were flying between the various ponds,
certainly being scared and distracted by the various ground moving machinery
they are using to "reshape" the impoundment.  Also, much of the growth that
had obscured the mud flats has been knocked down, giving better looks to the
main pond on the south end, as well as a pond to the north directly across
from the construction trailer which had previously been complete hidden by
plant material..



Tim Hahn
New Berlin, WI
(Waukesha Cty)

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