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  • Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2011 20:59:57 -0600

overlook. An amazing amount of waterfowl, but our bodies could only hold out so 
long. We did have an adult male black scoter. Tom Wood mentioned he had a 
female there. He also had a female harlequin north of the petroleum pier. We 
only looked from the southside. Then when we were on the bridge we saw all the 
ducks north of the pier.
 We had an adult Thayer's at south shore.
 An Iceland on the river by Riptide's.
 We couldn't bird north point because there was the Polar Bear Club.
 Went to Virmond. The least amount of goldeneyes I've ever seen there, in the 
 Harrington was slow and had low numbers. The shore line water was getting 
brownish. I feel this was from all the water coming in under all the water that 
was going out. This was noticed at Kohler-Andre also. It semed that alot of 
waterfowl was out in the bluer water, which was very hard to see clearly too.
 We did have distant long-tailed ducks.
 From Blue Harbor, we picked up w-w scoter, glaucous and g b-b gulls. We missed 
on harlequin and Barrow's goldeneye.
 Steve Thiessen Stoughton Dane co.
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