[wisb] Hustisford Ross's goose-lifer

  • From: "Rhonda Schrab" <rdzs@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 17:19:24 -0500

Still looking for my first ever Ross's goose and with spring winding down I 
decided to make the hour drive to the Hwy V ponds west of DeForest to look 
for the Ross's reported there yesterday. I was impressed with the numbers 
and diversity of birds there, especially after looking at all the little 
wet spots in the fields around home. Saw 2 mature bald eagles, 1 sitting on 
the ground and 1 flying over which caused hundreds of ducks and shorebirds 
to flush. But they didn't have to worry, the eagle was carrying a large 
stick evidently meant for it's nest. Had no interest in the birds. As it 
was flying away from me 1 bold shorebird was harassing it. Anyway, after 2 
hours hadn't spotted any Ross's candidates so decided to head for home. As 
I neared home thought I would check one small flooded field spot about a 
mile from my house. Canada geese have been using this spot for several 
weeks, it is also the spot I saw the blue morph snow goose a week or so 
ago. As I came up the road and the field came into view I saw the Canadas 
right away, then as I got closer, there was a small white spot among them. 
I thought, can this be? Pulled over and got the scope out. It was several 
hundred yards out but the light was good for a pretty decent look. The size 
seemed right, it was small compared to the Canadas it was with. Also 
smaller then the blue goose I saw a couple weeks ago. Had a nice round head 
with a steep forehead over a small triangular shaped bill with just a hint 
of a grin line. So I feel pretty confident in my ID as a Ross's. Ironic 
that right after a two hour round trip looking for one I find one a mile 
from home. Needless to say I was pretty excited.
Dave Schrab

Hustisford WI

Dodge Co

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