[wisb] High Cliff State Park-9/8/10

  • From: Andrew Reimer <andrew.reimer21@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Wisconsin Bird Network <wisbirdn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2010 14:54:55 -0500

Could certainly tell we have gone from late Summer to early Fall with a walk
along the Butterfly Trail at High Cliff this morning.  Huge numbers of
swallows were flocking above open spaces, particularly the adjacent golf
course fairways.  They seemed to be about half Barn Swallows, half Tree
Swallows.  Did manage to pick up one Cliff Swallow kind of by itself toward
the marina, but wasn't able to find any other species.  Had several dozen
lined up on telephone wires at one point and everything was one of the two
more common species.  Picked up several warblers nearly all of which were
near the cemetery or at the far north end of the trail.  The marina held a
couple Spotted Sandpipers while a cloud of gulls swarmed about ten feet
above the water of Lake Winnebago to the northeast.  Complete list below.
Canada Goose     X
Wood Duck     4
Mallard     12
Great Blue Heron     1
Spotted Sandpiper     2
Ring-billed Gull     200
Mourning Dove     X
Downy Woodpecker     2
Hairy Woodpecker     1
Northern Flicker     X
Eastern Phoebe     1
Red-eyed Vireo     1
Tree Swallow     100
Barn Swallow     100
Cliff Swallow     1
Black-capped Chickadee     4
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher     3
American Robin     12
Gray Catbird     3
Cedar Waxwing     6
Tennessee Warbler     2
Nashville Warbler     1
Magnolia Warbler     1
Cape May Warbler     4
Palm Warbler     3
American Redstart     2
Song Sparrow     6
Northern Cardinal     X
House Finch     2
American Goldfinch     X

Andrew Reimer
Darboy (Appleton), Calumet County

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