[wisb] Re: Hawk in Glendale

  • From: Paul Sparks <paul.sparks@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Wisconsin Bird Net <wisbirdn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 17:21:10 -0500

Just an update for everyone. Most people think the bird is a female Cooper's
Hawk. I did get one person that thought it was a Northern Goshawk, and that
was in the back of my mind and if I'm honest that's what I had hoped it was.
No matter what the bird is, I was glad I saw it and hope it comes back for
better photos.
Paul Sparks
Glendale, Milwaukee County

On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 3:32 PM, Paul Sparks <paul.sparks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This morning I walked out into my backyard with my camera to see if there
> were any good birds back there. Yesterday I had seen a couple warblers of
> undetermined species and a Northern Waterthrush feeding in the grass.
> Immediately I saw a good sized hawk sitting on the bridge that crosses the
> creek, which comes off the Milwaukee river near Kletsch Park. I thought it
> was a Red-tailed Hawk because of the size, but after looking at the photos,
> I?m pretty sure that isn?t the case. Here are 3 photos showing different
> parts of the bird. The bird was sitting in the shade with a very bright
> background, so the photos aren?t that great but you should be able to get
> the idea. I?d say Cooper?s Hawk, but it seemed really big. I?d love some
> feedback on this on what the ID is on this guy.
> Here's a link to the photos with the same description as above;
> http://photogsparks.wordpress.com/
> Paul Sparks
> Glendale, Milwaukee County


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