[wisb] FYI Columbia Co Whoopers

  • From: JAMES F SCHWARZ <jfschwar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Wisconsin Birding Network <wisbirdn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 15:17:32 -0500

After finding the 3 whoopers in a new location, I decided to report them and 
what they were doing.
I thought some of you would be interested in knowing more about these Columbia 
County whooper. 
Here is the info:

Thank you very much for reporting the 3 whooping cranes you observed in 
Columbia County recently. These three birds are #’s 31, 36, & 38-08, two males 
and a female (#38-08) from last years’ direct autumn release (DAR) cohort.  
These birds were initially hatched and reared at ICF before being transferred 
to the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge where they continued to be isolation 
reared until being released on the refuge in the fall.  These birds learn to 
migrate with older whooping cranes and sandhill cranes instead of behind an 
ultralight aircraft.  These three spent the winter in TN with an older whooping 
crane but separated from him when they returned  this spring.  These birds, 
like all young whoopers have wandered around quite a bit this spring – going 
back and forth to Necedah but have 
spent most of their time and now seem to have settled in Columbia County.

Thanks again for reporting them to us and please keep us posted if you see them 
or any other whooping cranes again in the future.

"WCEP asks anyone who encounters a whooping crane in the wild to please give 
them the respect and distance they need. Do not approach birds on foot within 
200 yards; remain in your vehicle; do not approach in a vehicle within 100 
yards.  Also, please remain concealed and do not speak loudly enough that the 
birds can hear you.  Finally, do not trespass on private property in an attempt 
to view or photograph whooping cranes."  It would also be good to post the 
sighting website so, like you said, others will be reminded where to report 
their sightings.

Apparently, the more reports they get adds more knowledge of what the whoopers 
are doing.
Any one wishing to report a whooper could click on the following sight:


Good Birding

Jim Schwarz
Madison, Dane Co

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