[wisb] Dowitcher ID - what do you think?

  • From: Ryan Brady <ryanbrady10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <wisbirdn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 19:45:29 -0600

Short version...what species are represented by these dowitchers seen in 
Ashland yesterday?

Longer version... Sam Krerowicz found three dowitchers just west of Ashland 
yesterday and then Nick Anich and I headed out to take a look after work. We 
didn't have much time and expected Short-billeds, even though it's slightly 
earlier (by about a week) than we usually see them. We walked up and tried 
turning them into Long-billeds. We thought we might have 1 LB and 2 SBs at one 
point and then convinced ourselves they were all just the expected SBs as LBs 
are quite rare here. We soon left to return to our fatherly duties but later 
last night that ID didn't sit well with us. After some chatting Nick and I 
started to convince ourselves that Bird C had to be a LB. Then we were leaning 
toward all 3 being LBs. Then we were just downright confused. And here we 
are...confused. This is a tough ID and one Nick and I frankly are not 
comfortable with. We butchered the whole process as we could've had killer 
photos of the birds in perfect light but our hurriedness resulted in mostly 
poor digiscopes and heavily cropped dSLR shots, which are in the two galleries 

What do you think? I've labeled the individuals in my gallery for ease of 
referencing Birds A, B, and C during discussion.

Ryan Brady
Washburn, Bayfield County, WI
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