[wisb] Correction: White-faced Ibis at Goose Pond, Columbia Cty and Glossy Ibises at Horicon

  • From: Edward Keyel <dolichovespula@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Wisconsin Birding Network <wisbirdn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 15:57:06 -0500

Hi everyone,

After watching the Ibis at Goose Pond for another hour-and-a-half
fighting the wind,  the ibis is a White-faced Ibis and not Glossy as
we initially thought.  The white around the face is very contrasty and
I caught flashes of red.  After a while another birder came (Marcia
(sp?), sorry I can't remember your last name), and agreed that it was
a White-faced.  Looking back at some of the pictures I took of it, the
red in the face is evident as well.  Pretty bird.

The White-faced Ibis and two Glossy Ibises west of the pumphouse on
the south side of 49 at Horicon as well.  Chris and I had stopped to
photograph some Blue-winged Teal and Gadwalls, when he nonchalantly
said "I have the ibis."  Sure enough, there was the White-faced Ibis.
After watching and photographing it for about half-an-hour, we saw
another pair of birders looking in a different direction than we were.
 Chuck Rothe was kind enough to point out the two Glossy Ibises that
he had been looking at!  It was spectacular to have both species of
Ibis in the same day, let alone 75 yards apart from each other!  On
Dike Rd, we refound the Stilts as well.

It was an interesting day for other birds as well.  On our way back,
we saw a very interesting Red-tailed Hawk, with a pattern in the wings
more reminicent of a young Red-shouldered with light windows, only
that area white.  We came across Noel Cutright on Stumpf Rd who kindly
pointed out a partially leucistic American Robin as well.

A great day to be out.  Good birding to all!

-Ted Keyel
Sun Prairie,
Dane Cty
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