[wisb] Collins Marsh, Manitowoc County

  • From: "Bob Domagalski" <rcd2@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 09:29:00 -0500

11th there were numbers of Shoveler, Canvasback and Lesser Scaup among others.  
As seems to be usual for this time of years, there were healthy numbers of 
Ruddy Ducks.
    The best bird in the area was the American Pipit.  I have been seeing a 
number of reports on pipits this fall.  I have been finding them here and there 
much of the fall in Manitowoc County.  But the 11th was the best day for them.  
Where County W crosses the Manitowoc River (just south of the community of 
Collins), I stopped to bird.  I saw some birds in the trees some 100 yards away 
and began to pish.  The birds flew in circles in the air and showed white in 
the tail.  I first thought - my first juncos.  But then the birds came and 
landed on the bridge next to me!  They were American Pipits.  I do not recall 
seeing this species perched in trees.  There were some 18 pipits at this 
location.  I then drove a short distance south on County W.  I came upon some 
birds in the road.  These birds were in the fields on both sides of the road.  
They were moving back and forth and sometimes landing in the road.  In short 
order, they landed around my stopped car!  Again, these were pipits.  I counted 
44 -- but, if I had dashed across the fields on both sides of the road, who 
knows how many pipits might have been sent to flight!

    There was a Great Egret still remaining at Killsnake on the western border 
of Manitowoc County.

        --  Bob Domagalski, Menomonee Falls and St. Nazianz
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