[wisb] Bird City talk at Oct. 13 SANC bird club mtg

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The Milwaukee Audubon Society is the lead organization in a statewide 
partnership to establish Bird City Wisconsin and its web site, 
www.birdcitywisconsin.org, which seek to bring together Wisconsin 
communities to protect declining bird populations through hands-on 
conservation activities. At 7 p.m. on Wednesday Oct. 13 BCW coordinator Carl 
Schwartz will explain how club members can play a role in both fostering 
successful urban bird protection and helping their own communities earn 
recognition as a Bird City.

The meeting of the SANC Bird Club will be at the Schlitz Audubon Nature 
Center, 1111 E. Brown Deer Rd., Bayside.

Bird City Wisconsin is modeled on the successful nationwide program Tree 
City USA, a community improvement project sponsored by the Arbor Day 
Foundation. The Bird City program will address an increasing problem in 
Wisconsin and elsewhere: the decline of urban bird populations. Chimney 
Swift populations in Wisconsin, for example, have declined by more than two 
percent annually for the last 28 years, while the Purple Martin - which 
nests in colonial boxes often near water - has declined by six percent over 
the same period.

 "Recognition as a Bird City will be a feather in the cap of any Wisconsin 
community," said Andrew Struck, president of the Milwaukee Audubon Society, 
when the program was announced in October 2009. "This program will recognize 
conservation efforts already under way and spur other cities, counties, 
towns and villages to adopt the best practices we will spotlight," added 

Carl Schwartz
Fox Point
Milwaukee County

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