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What is a Veteran Talk Blog?

Well it is free .  A Veteran Talk Blog is like an public diary that anyone
can read. You can write about virtually anything you want... for example: 

*       Like the VA medical care your dad, brother, or you yourself just
received?   Tell everyone about the medical care you received 
*       A three person veteran owned business?   Tell everyone what your day
dealing with the Government is like 
*       Impressed with the job your Congressman is doing?   Tell everyone
about your Congressman "Mike", or even write a Blog for Congressman Mike! 

You can write as much or as little as you want, and as often or as rarely as
you like.   Not a good writer?   Don't worry about it!... The whole point of
a Veteran Talk Blog is that you are sharing your thoughts, desires, hobbies,
hopes, dreams, or whatever!   Everyone is interesting and different and
Veteran Talk Blogs are a way for you to reach the veteran world.   We
publish your Veteran Talk Blog right here on www.w3VetNet.net and even help
people find your Blog to learn about you. a Veteran! 


Give it a try. doesn't cost you a penny (it's free remember), stop
at any time. What do you have to lose? 

Fast Start

Veteran Talk Blog makes it simple for Veteran Talk members to create their
own space within the community. Getting started is as simple as posting the
first message (using the same familiar Veteran Talk editor). There is no
lengthy setup process - Veteran Talk Blog owners are free to personalise
their blog at any time by defining a title and a description that will
appear at the top of every blog post.  Go to your free Veteran Talk Blog


Fully Featured

A Veteran Talk Blog is a feature-rich simple application, with online
support if needed.  Post to your free
<http://forums.w3oc.com/blog_post.php?do=newblog>  Veteran Talk Blog  


Blog Home Page

Available via a single click from any Veteran Talk page, the Veteran Talk
Blog home page aggregates activity from all veteran member blogs into a
single page - with information about the most recent Veteran Talk Blog
posts, recent comments, a featured blog post (selected at random), full
support for browsing posts by date and overall Veteran Talk blogging
statistics.   View a Random Veteran Talk Blog
<http://forums.w3oc.com/blog.php?do=random>  Entry


Syndication and Subscriptions

Site wide and per-blog RSS feeds allow syndication to external readers, and
full support for Veteran Talk Blog subscriptions enables veteran users to
join blogs they are interested in and receive regular updates.
<http://forums.w3oc.com/blog_external.php> View Veteran Talk Blog RSS Feed 


Blog Control Panel

The Blog Control Panel empowers Veteran Talk members to control every aspect
of their Veteran Talk Blogs, from who has access to view and comment on the
blog, to blog categories, draft posts and subscriptions. Veteran Talk Blog
owners also have the ability to moderate comments on their own blog.  Go to
Your <http://forums.w3oc.com/blog_usercp.php>  Veteran Talk Blog Control



Always Faithful,

John Kolsun



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