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Architect and Engineering Services


Click http://sdvob.coop/AE.htm


This is a Request for Information only. This is not a solicitation or
request for proposals.

 (a) As prescribed in Federal Acquisition Regulation 15.209
96_32400> (c), The Government does not intend to award a contract on the
basis of this Request for Information or to otherwise pay for the
information requested except as an allowable cost under other contracts as
provided in subsection 31.205-18, Bid and proposal costs, of the Federal
Acquisition Regulation.

(b) Although "proposal" and "offeror" are used in this Request for
Information, your response will be treated as information only. It shall not
be used as a proposal.

(c) This Request for Information is issued for the following purpose:

The U.S. Department of State, Office of Logistics Management on behalf of
the Overseas Buildings Operations, is seeking information from
professionally licensed architectural and engineering (A/E) Service-Disabled
Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) that are capable of providing A/E
services for the planning and design of new construction, renovation,
rehabilitation, restoration, and physical and technical security up-grade
projects at U.S. diplomatic facilities worldwide. 

The projects will be for professional services which are to include, but not
be limited to, facility assessments and architectural and engineering
studies, site utilization studies and master planning, conceptual, schematic
and preliminary designs, design development, construction documents,
specifications, cost estimates and budget assessments, as well as life-cycle
analysis, quality assurance reviews of the work of other A/E firms, research
and development studies, value engineering studies or reviews, and
construction phase services and claims analysis services.  

SDVOSB shall present a core team and then supplement that team with
additional services.  The combined core team and supplemental service
disciplines shall comprise the entire team to perform the work. For the
purposes of evaluation, core team members shall include the following
disciplines: architecture, landscape architecture, planning, interior
design, cost estimating, and electrical, mechanical, civil, geotechnical and
structural engineering. 


Sought services include the following: architecture, historic preservation,
landscape architecture, long range planning, master planning, initial and
detailed planning, space planning, site utilization, cost estimating, budget
assessment, interior design, food service design, scheduling, and
environmental and sustainability design.  In addition, the following
engineering disciplines shall be provided: electrical, mechanical,
structural, blast, civil, geotechnical, environmental, seismic, security,
lighting, acoustical, chemical and biological protection, information and
telecommunication, fire protection, value engineering, and vertical
transportation.  The administrative coordination of the various disciplines
involved, and ascertaining and working within the U.S. Government's
requirements and the applicable laws, codes and standards at the overseas
project sites shall be required.  Familiarity with sustainable design
through an integrated design approach is required.  Knowledge and experience
in the preparation of planning, design and construction documents employing
alternative methods (e.g. design-bid-build, bridging, and design-build) is
required.  Familiarity with sustainable design through an integrated design
approach is required.  Knowledge and experience in the preparation of
planning, design and construction documents employing alternative methods
(e.g. design-bid-build, bridging, and design-build) is required.  


Design documents shall utilize AutoCAD 2005 or greater.  Also required is
Revit 9.1 or greater or Building Information Modeling (BIM) application
consistent with the International Alliance for Interoperability IFC 2x3
specification or later.  Experience using BIM is required.  


It is requested that SDVOSB A/E firms provide the following information:

1)      Qualifications of team members, with an emphasis on those in key

Please include applicable licenses, registrations, and certifications, as
well as other indicators of high quality professional performance. 

2)      Specialized team experience and technical excellence in facility
planning and design, site analysis and planning, sustainable design,
rehabilitation and renovation projects involving multiple disciplines.

3)      Examples of the team's ability to conceive, develop, and deliver
projects of outstanding quality.

4)      Provide examples of high quality past performance in terms of
internal quality management plans, schedules, and cost control procedures.

5)      Specialized experience and technical competence in physical and
technical security design and upgrades, including security and surveillance
systems and special forced entry, and ballistic resistant construction.

6)      Specialized experience and technical competence in the preservation,
restoration and renovation of existing facilities, including historically
significant buildings.

7)      Specialized experience in the pre-award phase of design-build
projects, including writing performance requirements, developing statements
of work, preparing requests for proposal documents, and the preparation of
bridging documents.

8)      Any international experience related to planning, design and
construction projects.


If sufficiently qualified SDVOSB A/E firms are identified:

*        It is anticipated that one or more indefinite delivery/indefinite
quantity contracts will be awarded and that most task orders will involve
relatively small planning projects and other projects such as handicapped
access. The estimated construction costs for these projects range from $1-3

*        Although not required at this time in the acquisition phase, the
sufficiently qualified SDVOSB A/E firm would be required to possess or be
able to obtain a Department of Defense (DoD) Secret Facility Clearance
(FCL), with Secret safeguarding capability, issued in accordance with the
National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), DOD
5220.22-M. Personnel requiring access to classified information or
Controlled Access Areas (CAAs) at DoS locations must possess a Secret
personnel security clearance issued by the Defense Industrial Security
Clearance Office (DISCO). If a selected offeror does not possess an interim
or Final Secret FCL, the Department of State will sponsor the uncleared firm
for an FCL. DOS Sponsorship does not guarantee that the firm will receive
the clearance. A period of six calendar months from the date of selection
for award will be allowed for the uncleared firm to obtain the necessary
FCL.  After this period, the Government may, at its discretion, consider
awarding the contract to another firm or awarding fewer contracts.  Firms
which form joint ventures must also comply with the above FCL and personnel
security clearance requirements.  Each entity comprising the joint venture
must be issued an FCL, as well as the joint venture. 

*        Please note that qualified SDVOSB(s) may have to meet "United
States Person" requirements, as defined in the Act mentioned below. The
offeror will have to complete and submit as part of its qualification
package the pamphlet, Certifications Relevant To Public Law 99-399,
Statement of Qualifications for Purpose of Section 402 of The Omnibus
Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act of 1986. SUBMISSIONS ARE NOT
REQUIRED AT THIS ACQUISITION STAGE. If a joint venture is formed, the
company having 51 percent or greater interest in the JV shall be the one
completing the pamphlet.  This is a pass/fail evaluated area.  SDVOSB who do
not receive a pass rating will not be further evaluated.  Information on the
U.S. persons requirements may be viewed at:


This Sources Sought incorporates provision 52.215-3 Request for Information
or Solicitation for Planning Purposes (Oct 1997) as prescribed by 15.209(c




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