[WinPrnDev] Re: Intercepting data sent to the printer

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  • Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 08:55:52 +0100

Hi Akshay,


Check out the Windows Driver Development Kit (WDK) documentation about
how the print spooler is working.


The available options depend on how the application is sending data to
the printer, and what you are trying to accomplish. Is the application
using the GDI API to render the job, or is it sending the data directly
to the printer? Do you want to capture the print like a virtual printer?
Or do you just want to "listen" to the job data, but the data should
still go to the printer? Do you want to modify the data stream? What
type is the printer?


I think it would be best, if you give us more context information,
describe what you want to accomplish? Why? And what your own ideas are,
on how to do this.


Best regards




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I am working with an application that prints to a thermal POS printers
in windows environment.
Can somebody please tell me how can I get the actual text(readable)
after a print command is fired from that application. I have no control
over the code of that application therefore I want to do it at the
spooler level or at the driver level , or some how interpret  the data
flowing through the COM port.


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