[wineeg] Re: recording

  • From: "Juri D. Kropotov" <kropotov@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Vernon, David" <wineeg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 11:19:57 +0400

Hi David,
Yes, I do have the Neuroguide database.

VD> Hi Juri,

VD> thanks for letting us know that at least we are recording ok. 
VD> Before i send you a list of questions do you have the neuroguide database?

VD> david

VD> David J Vernon PhD
VD> Dept. of Cognitive Neuroscience & Behaviour
VD> Imperial College London
VD> St Dunstan's Road
VD> London
VD> W6 8RP

VD> Tel:    44 (0) 208 383 0584
VD> Fax:   44 (0) 208 846 1670

VD> -----Original Message-----
VD> From: Juri D. Kropotov [mailto:kropotov@xxxxxxxxxx]
VD> Sent: 29 July 2003 17:53
VD> To: Vernon, David
VD> Subject: [wineeg] recording

VD> Hi, David,
VD> I got the disk.  I looked at the data.  They are good.  You are doing
VD> pretty well.  Do you have any specific question regarding the data
VD> I've got.

VD> Juri

Best regards,
 Juri                            mailto:kropotov@xxxxxxxxxx

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