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  • Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 14:41:09 -0800 (PST)


 I am writing to solicit for your assistance, though we have not met, or talked 
to each other before, but I got your source and contact through South African 
Chamber of Commerce Johannesburg. 

INTRODUCTION; Let me start by introducing myself to you, I am Mr Frank Dinga, 
special assistant to Mr Dube Mhkize a South African Government Representative 
to Iraq as the leader of South African human shield in the year 2003,at the 
onset of war in Iraq.

 REASON OF CONTACTING YOU; The reason why I am contacting you is that when the 
war escalated and everybody is being evacuated my boss Mr Mhkize, came back 
with Three boxes which was sealed with Diplomatic seal back to South Africa, 
which was deposited in security vault as valuable documents. Now in South 
Africa my boss and his co representatives is being accused of having a shady 
oil deal with Iraq government, and with furore being raised over this issue, 
with the action of international world over this shady oil deals, hence my boss 
called me, and took me into confidence, of the actual content of the boxes.

He took me  to the Security company and showed me the contents, the boxes was 
stacked full with $United States dollars bills. On my enquiry he to told me 
that the money is totalled {$250} million dollars, Uday Saddam gave the money 
to him for safekeeping pending his arrival to South Africa as a refugee or as 
an asylum seeker.

Now he asked me to seek for a foreigner who is trustworthy, and who is capable 
to assist in transferring this money to his country account since Uday is dead 
and he my boss action in Iraq is being interrogated and questioned now in South 

 He  can be rest assured that he can face the oil scandal and defend it rather 
than smuggling of money into South Africa, hence I contacting you for 

 You are entitled to 20% of the total sum and 10% is for any expenses that 
might be incurred during the cause of this transaction. Please don?t take undue 
advantage of this proposal, reply as soon as possible  to my private mail box 
infonicon1@xxxxxxxxx or frankdinga@xxxxxxxxxxx  I  await for your immediate 

 Thanks and God bless.

 Mr Frank Dinga.




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