[wineeg] Photo/audio stimulation using PSYTASK

  • From: Joe Siri Ekgren <vennskap@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wineeg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 15:37:08 +0100

A few of us on the list are trying to get going on Evoked Potentials 
and Event Related Potentials. A warm thanks is hereby extended to 
Juri and Valery, who have sent some info on platform requirements, an 
installation guide, and some tips on troubleshooting, all included 

(Getting the psytask to work on a laptop requires a bit more 
research. Evidently some laptops have soundblaster compatible sound 
chips, but if they will work with Psytask is an open question. More 
on that later.)


1.  Can I run the Psytask program on Windows XP.

No.  The PSYTASK has been developed for DOS. Windows XP can not 
emulate DOS mode.

To run PSYTASK you need to find a computer with DOS 6.2 or Windows 95 
or Windows 98 or Windows ME. It could be an old computer with simple 
processor and limited memory.  PENTIUM I  166 with 4 Mb RAM and 
simple VGA video card would be a good .computer for this purpose.If 
you also plan  to present sounds you need to install an OLD(!!!) 
sound card and DOS DRIVERS (!!!) for this sound card. We recommend 
you to use the next sound cards: Creative Labs SB 16, Creative Labs 
Wav 32, Creative Labs AWE 32, Creative Labs AWE 64, Creative Labs SB 
Live! Value (not Creative Labs SB Live! 5.1).  All of these cards 
emulate SB 16 standard for DOS mode.

We understand that the DOS platform for Psytask is not a good 
solution and we are working on the development of PSYTASK program for 
Windows XP.

We plan to perform this task before the fall of this year.

2.  How can I synchronize the slave computer with the core computer 
to perform behavioral tasks with my clients?

The slave computer is used for stimuli presentation in behavioral 
paradigms.  The core computer is used for EEG recording during these 
behavioral tasks.

To implement this mode you need to do the following steps:
I. To install PSYTASK on the slave computer.  To do it, you need to 
copy the PSYTASKE folder (is delivered on the CD) to the hard disk, 
open this folder and run SETUP.EXE program.  NOTE!!!  The SETUP.EXE 
program works in DOS mode only.

II. PSYTASK program needs 550 kB of memory and 1 mB of Extended 
memory. You can check memory using command MEM in the command line 
mode. If there is no enough memory on your slave computer you need to 
modify config.sys and autoexec.bat files. It might be a hartd task 
for you if do not know DOS.  So, please, use the advise of an 
expert.  Anyway, usually
config.sys and autoexec.bat files contain the following lines:



Those are minimum lines you will need.  Any extra lines should be 
eliminated.  We recommend not to delete those extra lines but to add 
to beginning of the lines  the word "rem " (without quotes).  This 
makes the line inactive.
If you install the sound card and the DOS drivers for it, a number of 
lines will be added to config.sys and autoexec.bat files.

III.  You need to synchronize two computers for recording evoked 
responses during behavioral paradigms.  This could be a more tricky 
You need to do the next steps:
1.  Physically connect two computers by means of a null-modem cable.  
Doing it, Switch Off!!! both computers to prevent a damage of the COM 
2.  Turn on both computers.
3.  Start Psytask.
4.  Press a button "Change parameters of External devices" and check 
the parameters of External synchronization (left top fields)
These parameters should be:

Input port: COM1 or COM2 (depends of cable connection)
Baud rate: 57600
Word length: 8 bits
Stop: bits 1
Parity: none

If it is correct, return to the main menu.

5. Switch Psytask to "Slave mode"

6. Start WinEEG

7. Perform a command "Stimuli Presentation Programs" (Menu "Setup") 
and press button "Update". 
If the connection is correct, after one minute or so a new list of 
the presentation programs will appear on the screen.  
Congratulations!  The tow computers are connected/

If the connection is wrong the massage ""Slave computer does not 
respond" will appear on the screen.

8. In the last case, you need to change the synchronization ports and 
repeat step 7.  Remember, that you might need to change the 
synchronization port both in WinEEG program and Psytask program.

To change the synchronization port in WinEEG,  perform a command 
"Equipment Parameters" (Menu "Setup") and change Synchronization 
port.. (After that repeat step 7)

To change the synchronization port in Psytask return to main menu 
(key Esc) press a Button (Option) Change parameters of External 
devices, change Synchronization port (left top field), return to 
Slave mode and repeat step 7.

You will probably need to try four combinations or more.  So, please 
be patient.

9. If your attempts are unsuccessful you need to check cable and 
ports. You can do this by using Norton Commander.  Run Norton 
Commander on both computers and try to link them.

Finally.  If you change the list of presentation programs or any 
other parameters in those programs in Psytask you will need to 
perform step 7 for synchronize the two lists of parameters.


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