[wineeg] Re: Mitsar question

  • From: Joe Siri Ekgren <joesiri@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: wineeg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, ponomarev@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 13:50:05 +0200

Hi David,

Thanks for keeping this list alive!

I can=B4t help you out with the scissors tool scissors tool on the 
toolbar, it is grayed out all the time in my version of WinEEG. 
Instead in WinEEG I use the "erase" tool for deleting portions of the 
EEG, which is the big " X"  icon (three tools to the right of the 
scissors on the toolbar). The erase function goes by three names:
- toolbar: "Erase"
- Edit menu: "Clear"
-  right-clicking the mouse while over the selected EEG displays a 
menu with two "Copy"  choices at the top, but two different icons. 
The lower has the big X icon and though it also says "copy", it is 
actually the erase function.

(Right clicking is the fastest option, I haven=B4t found a a keyboard 
shortcut.) The icon is always the same, and you always get a dialog 
asking for confirmation before deleting a part of the EEG.

The drawback with erasing is of course that you are deleting portions 
that later might be valuable, or you  have to keep duplicate files: 
one original and one artefacted.

Another drawback is that your timescale is altered and that one loses 
track of exactly when events occurred. (Ex: While recording an EEG, a 
loud thump in room next door occurs at 12:04:32. Could this give a 
state change? If I had deleted 22 seconds of EEG I would afterwards 
have to inspect the EEG at 12:04:10. )

1   Removing portions of the EEG from the analysis, displaying these 
areas with a different background colour. (Maybe this is what the 
scissors tool is supposed to do?) (Keeping the raw EEG intact would 
also eliminate the hassle of the dialog box for deletion.)
2   A hide/view function for unwanted selections would be beneficial. 
(Data would always be there for later inspection, timecoding would be 
3   This feature could be a useful educational tool for practicing 
the art of EEG artefacting, if one had multiple tracks for 
disregarding EEG data. (Ex: After artefacting an EEG, you could with 
a button-click display how an EEG guru artefacted the same EEG, and 
compare with your artefacting.)

BTW the list-server strips attached files, which happened to your 
previous post.

I hope this was of some help. Nothing like artefacting to keep one 
out of the summer heat!


At 16:04 +0100 07.07.03, Vernon, David wrote:
>i am going through an EEG file that i recorded using the Mitsar and after
>completing the automatic EOG correction i wanted to go through the raw trac=
>myself and cut out any very noisy sections. I Managed to do this using the
>mouse and the scissors symbol on the tool bar. When i do this a bold blue
>line appears at the bottom of the raw EEG file.
>However, when i then run the analysis it gives exactly the same output as a
>raw EEG that i have not gone through and removed the additional artefacts.
>Thus i must be missing something out. I have checked the manual but can fin=
>no reference to manual artefact rejection using the cut tool. Can you help
>me please, what do i have to do to make sure that the sections i have cut
>are not included in the analysis?
>David J Vernon PhD
>Dept. of Cognitive Neuroscience & Behaviour
>Imperial College London
>St Dunstan's Road
>W6 8RP


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