[wineeg] Invitation - Global Brain Sounds - Friday, 2. November

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Dear EEG-Community,
i would like to invite you to participate in a spectacular event upcoming friday, 2nd Novem ber 2007. It's a first analogue visualization of real-time brain-wave activation - the "global Brain-Avatar", created by Martin Schoene, University of Art in Braunschweig. The brainwaves are projected as resonance in water and light. You are invited to come to Braunschweig, or to watch the event in the internet over:
New York location: http://www.roulette.org/events/2007_11.html
or: www.welcome21.de from Braunschweig.
New York will be the first event in this coctail of 6 global localisations, where in the first phase successively each of the localisations will have a solo-concert with simultaneous recording of brainwave activation and representations in a "brain-avatar". In the second part of this world concert, the musicians will play together in realtime. Their brainwaves are connected - a "Global Avatar" is composed from six solo Avatars.

art and science boundary zone

Global Brain Sounds

Brussels, Shanghai, New York, Cairo, Montevideo

und Braunschweig

2. November 2007 - a symbol for a phenomenon

21:00, local time: each musician begins her/his solo-concert. For this first part of the experiment, the music is transmitted to all places involved in the real-time-event. During the concerts the brain activities of each musician are recorded in real-time by the Brain-Avatar.

The Brain-Avatar is the first analogue visualisation of real-time brain activity. The brainwaves, in their direct form as sounds are projected as resonance in water and light. A spectacle of patterns and processes reflect the musicians mental state, the state reflects the music, and so on.

00:00 GMT: the experiment will culminate. In the second part of this special world concert, the musicians are actually playing together in real-time. Their brainwaves create "a global-ensemble-avatar" composed of six solo-Avatars in a special bowl.

The bowl being the symbol for the inherent presence of resonance phenomenons in all life processes. This applies especially to our own human frequencies.

The frequencies our brain waves emit are the lowest frequencies discovered to date - lower even than those of our earth? Human brain waves can be longer than 100.000 km. This experiment of human resonance will be a true world premier: the concurrent swinging of a composite human global brain sound.

Research Project

           Project & Brain-Avatar are ideas of the artist Martin Schoene


           Prof. Ulrich Eller, Dipl. Psych. Doerte Klein,

           Robyn Schulkowsky

„Well…come 21 – Reality and Consciousness in 21. Century“, Braunschweig University of Art

Main focus of research: „Resonance – action research with patterns“, esp. analysis of sounds of hidden sounds of body and mind as well as visualisation of invisable patterns (psychological, movement, communication of persons or cells). `Action` means

to present important experiments to the public and thus to

implement them into art and culture and to aim at application

of results (i.e. therapeutically, in education etc.) – as quasi back transport into society. Target is the construction of an

international platform for perception of reality and for performance between art and science – „the Resonance Lab“.




Robyn Schulkowsky (Marimbon) Wichmann-Halle, Braunschweig

George van Dam (Violin) Nadine, Brussels

           Jim Staley (Trombone)                         Roulette, New York

            Wiu Lu (Pipa)                        Zendai MoMA, Shanghai

           Adham  Hafez (Voice)                 Goethe-Institute, Cairo

Fernando “Lobo“ Nunez (Percussion) Goethe-Institute, Montevideo

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