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We can take some idea of how to do good public relations work for qEEG,  
neurofeedback, etc. from this article. 
Professionally yours,  

Robert E. McCarthy, PhD, LPC, CCMHC, BCIA-EEG

Licensed & Board Certified Professional  Counselor
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"Brain in the News" is a weekly commentary on how brain  science relates to 
the news. The brain is involved in everything  we do. Wherever there are human 
stories the brain is involved.  From the impact of war and natural disasters 
on the brain to drug  abuse scandals to courtroom dramas to politics the brain 
is in the  news, and you can read about it here.  
Brain  Injuries, Soldiers and Imaging
I spent a day this week at Fort Carson in Colorado, speaking to  colleagues 
about the use of SPECT imaging in traumatic brain  injury. As you likely know, 
brain injuries are the signature wound  of the Iraq War. 15% of soldiers have 
suffered brain injuries,  many with long term damage. In many ways going to 
Fort Carson was  like coming home. I was an infantry medic during the Vietnam 
War,  and did my psychiatric training at Walter Reed in Washington, DC  and 
Tripler in Hawaii and, after my training was the chief of  Mental Health at 
Irwin in the Mojave Desert. Soldiers hold a  special place in my heart. 
At Fort Carson, the nuclear medicine department, headed by Col.  Reed Smith, 
MD, has been using SPECT for the last 10 months with  great results. Dr. Smith 
took my 5 day brain SPECT course for  clinicians last summer. When I found 
out where he was from I  offered to help. It was so gratifying to see how he 
using the  technology and how helpful it had been to soldiers, their families 
 and to clinicians. I urged him to start doing before and after  scans to see 
how their treatments were working.  
In the military, follow up care can be a challenge because  soldiers are 
often transferred or the ones with head injuries  leave the service and are 
up by the VA. But they are making  exciting progress. Of course, there are 
skeptics, but once they  see the power and extensive body of research (over 72 
studies on  over 3,000 patients) that underlies brain SPECT in brain injury,  
they usually become converted. 
On to a happier subject … we’ll have a couple of upcoming  opportunities to 
talk on the phone or chat live on the internet.  On Thursday February 21st at 
9am Pacific Time I’ll be on the Voice  America radio program, “_Breaking  
Free with Sarah Maria_ 
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the rest of the country and text message me  “live”. 
To your brain health, 
Daniel Amen, M.D.
CEO, Amen Clinics, Inc.
Distinguished  Fellow, American Psychiatric Association
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Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
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