[wineeg] FW: Invitation to join the Mitsar group

  • From: "Frick, Ann" <a.frick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <wineeg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 10:00:26 -0000

Leslie Sherlin, who along with Marco Congedo founded the NTE software company, 
has just put out this invitation to join a Mitsar group.  Their company is now 
distributing Mitsar in addition to their own very interesting software for EEG 
We haven't had any postings to this group in a while.  Perhaps it makes sense 
to join forces.  As I understand it, Leslie will be providing techical support 
for Mitsar products to those who purchase through NTE.  Therefore, I think it 
makes good sense to be involved in his list.

What do we think?

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Subject:        Invitation to join the Mitsar group 

Hello a.frick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

LeslieSherlin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx has invited to join the Mitsar group
hosted by Yahoo! Groups, a free, easy-to-use community service.

By joining Mitsar, you will be able to exchange
messages with other group members, store photos and files, 
coordinate events and more.

This invitation will expire in 7 days.

Here's an introductory message from LeslieSherlin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

Hello Colleagues.  I have inquired around and there was interest in having a 
yahoo list serve to share the knowledge of the hardware and software.  I have 
invited each of you to join because you are a known owner and user of the 
hardware or software.  I would appreciate your participation as we all are 
attempting to continue to learn and maximize our equipment. 

I also encourage you to invite those you know who are also owners of the 
hardware and software.  I would like to keep the list to those who are actual 
users/owners.  We all have busy lives and the dissemination of useful 
information and not random noise is appreciated by all.

The forum is moderated so there will be no chance of non-productive messages 
sneaking through.  Thank you and I hope to soon hear from you all.

Best Regards,
Mr. Leslie Sherlin 



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