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  • From: Joe Siri Ekgren <joesiri@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2003 17:26:31 +0100

Hi David,

There are two software solutions to using the Mitsar amp for biofeedback:
        -the WinEEG software
        -BrainTuner software (especially if you want to use the 
video/CD "jammer")

(WinEEG HOT TIP:  When opening a new file, on the Patient Record 
Dialog--> Investigation:  choose "Biofeedback Training"(not" EEG 

As far as I can see, and I can be quite wrong on this, there are some 
common caveats for both approaches:
        -you can use only one channel (ref. or seq. montage)
        - you can=B4t easily train switching between states
        -you only have one parameter which adjusts the feedback
Ex.:  if you want to reward increase 13-15 Hz and reward suppression 
4-7 Hz,  this will be expressed as a *ratio* of the two bandranges. 
There isn=B4t a scripting language for doing conditional feedback such 
     IF ((suppression 4-7 Hz is below threshold X)
        AND (13-15 Hz is above threshold Y))
     THEN Reward ENDIF)

At 13:26 +0000 06.03.03, Vernon, David wrote:
>a couple of questions regarding the biofeedback aspect of the Mitsar:
>1. as part of the feedback session is it possible to identify what the mean
>amplitudes of a particular frequency are prior to the actual feedback so we
>can set the feedback threshold accordingly

Selecting bandranges:
-WinEEG: Yes, you can do a recording, then analyze, then set your 
bandranges and do a session of "Biofeedback training". Suboptimal 
interface IMO, you have to use Setup-->Bandranges for what you want 
to suppress or increase. The bandranges have to be *reset* for every 
different protocol you use, and for any qEEGs you might do in between.

-BT:  Nice interface for selecting bandranges to work with. Resetting 
needed for every protocol.

- WinEEG & BT: (It would be nice to have a list of customisable 
bandranges to choose from. And it would be nice if the  "protocol" 
could be saved  to patient data, and easily selected for the next 
training session).

>2. how do you change/set the target threshold for feedback

Selecting thresholds:
- WinEEG & BT : You run through a "setup" recording and have the 
program automatically set the levels (which you then adjust). 
Thresholds are percentages (of an estimated average activity), and 
not microvolt values, which might make it difficult to quantify 
progress between sessions (may be a moot point since the level of 
activity probably will differ between sessions?).
        Also, I think that once you have started the feedback-session 
there is little room for "shaping" i.e. adjusting the thresholds, at 
least in WinEEG.

>3. how do you provide both visual and auditory feedback

WinEEG: In Setup--> Biofeedback Parameters one can adjust sound 
sources and how they respond to the biofeedback parameter. On the 
toolbar there is a button for turning sound on and off.
BT:   Setup--> Audio Signal Source, same dialog as in WinEEG.

>4. following feedback is it possible to look at the mean amplitude values
>for each frequency

WinEEG: Yes.
BT: Don=B4t think so. I am not sure if WinEEG can read BT-files.

>5. is it possible to set the feedback to run for a pre-set amount of time?

WinEEG: Don=B4t think so.
BT: You can set no. of trials pr. session, length of trial, and time between=

>many thanks
>ps. i did try looking in the help directory but could not find it and found
>no answers in the manual either !!

Don=B4t think there is a help directory, yet.
BT doesn=B4t have a manual, but is pretty straightforward to use. The 
WinEEG manual would benefit from some tutorials.

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>Dept. of Cognitive Neuroscience & Behaviour
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>Fax:   44 (0) 208 846 1670

I hope this is of some help. Feel free to call if anything is 
unclear. Again, there may be features or workarounds that I am not 
aware of, but I am always happy to be enlightened...

Best of luck,
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