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  • Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 20:35:07 -0700

There are 45 days left for submissions of abstracts for papers or posters, 
student papers, workshops, and any panel discussion proposals.

Papers that are submitted need to be based on data to be considered. Workshops 
will be required to provide references for the questions submitted with the 
workshop for CE consideration.

Students may submit for the scholarships as well as "doubling up" on other 
offers, like the JNT paper submission contest for the best paper of the year.  
The same paper can be submitted at the meeting as for the JNT.

All abstracts should be submitted in APA format.

The submissions for papers, students, and workshops should all be sent in 
through the www.ISNR.org web site's submission forms.

Jay Gunkelman and Roger deBeus 
Program Co-chairs 2003 Houston ISNR

Joe and Ann Marie Horvat 
Vendor and Site coordinators 2003 Houston ISNR

Darlene Nelson
JNT Managing Editor and ISNR Executive Director
Registration coordinator 2003 Houston ISNR

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