[windows2000] Re: windows 03 dc's drop connections to other dc

  • From: "Sorin Srbu" <Sorin.Srbu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 09:20:23 +0200

I'm not that ad-savvy, but are you really supposed to have more
than one GC in a domain? Unless something has been changed with the
2k3 server release? Also, the DCs apparentely require the
dhcp-client service (as I found out recently - I like to turn off
services I don't need on the DCs...) to be auto-started in order to
update the DNS-records and let the other DCs know they are up and

My five öre.

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From: joe haines
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 11:36:13 -0400

windows 03 dc's drop connections to other dc 


We have a 2k03 network that consists of:  

one domain with one site  
we have 2 physical locations connected via 3 mb wan connection. A
dc at each location that functions as a global catalog , dns and
dhcp.  We are currently experiencing sporadic dropped connections
between the dc's  in each location. (cant ping other dc ..let alone
replicate). We can ping other member servers and client machines
from the dc's. It just seems that dcs stop communicating. A reboot
of each dc seems to resolve each issue temporarily. Any ideas would
be appreciated.



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