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Those bastards!

I'm sure there's a way to hide it.  I mean, if you do a "netsvc /list
\\yourcomputer"  (assuming you have the Resource Kit installed) you'll
see that there are a lot more services listed than what's in the MMC.
But, I'm guessing that it's listing all those driver things that used to
be in the, uh, what was it, the drivers control panel applet in Windows
NT.  Like, things like "Beep" and what not.  But who knows how.  It's
gotta be something in the registry under
hklm\system\currentControlSet\services.  If you look at Beep in the
registry, for example, there's only a few different things listed for
it.  But, let's say that by changing the "Type" value, you're able to
hide the service, but what other effects will that have?

Maybe this isn't an option, but I'd take away anyone's rights who did
something like that.  Either that or cut their network cable.  You would
think that purposely stopping NAV would be something that the person
should receive disciplinary action for.  And, like, I hate when people
don't just answer my question and suggest different things instead, but
that's what I'm doing.  Just hiding something is no way to protect it.
That's the same as someone protecting a Word document by uninstalling
Word off of everyone's computer but leaving the file permissions open.
Just fire everyone or kick their asses in front of their girlfriends.

Ray at home

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>i've got some people disabling the norton service, and i'm 
>sure they going 
>through the computer mgmt console to do it. i'm pretty sure 
>the users dont 
>know how to run around in the command line, so why not hide it 
>from the 
>services screen? and everyone is an admin of their own computer here.
>At 09:20 PM 9/10/2002, you wrote:
>>Yeah, I was kinda wondering myself why you'd want to hide a 
>service.  If

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