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Farrugia, Paul wrote:

| Thanks for the response..... here's my problem...
| I am trying to setup a direct internet connection. Right now our
| internet comes in through a Cisco 2600 router. The router then connects
| to a NetScreen 25 firewall then a managed switch. We also have an ISA
| server that is connected to this switch which is used as our proxy. All
| internet traffic is routed through the ISA server then the firewall then
| the router. I need to set up one direct internet connection that will
| bypass both the firewall and the ISA server. I plugged into the switch
| but couldn't get any internet without my proxy settings which doesn't
| help me. I also tried putting a hub between the router and firewall and
| plugging into that but didn't have any luck.  I was also thinking of
| creating a separate vlan on the switch but I am not to sure on how to
| program the switch and tell it to route traffic in the separate vlan
| directly to the router (if that is even possible). The switch is a 3com
| superstack3 4250t. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do?
| Thanks in advance,
| Paul.

Did you change the ip address and subnet settings on your workstation
nic to the same net as the outbound side of the ISA server?

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