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Thanks for the response..... here's my problem...
I am trying to setup a direct internet connection. Right now our
internet comes in through a Cisco 2600 router. The router then connects
to a NetScreen 25 firewall then a managed switch. We also have an ISA
server that is connected to this switch which is used as our proxy. All
internet traffic is routed through the ISA server then the firewall then
the router. I need to set up one direct internet connection that will
bypass both the firewall and the ISA server. I plugged into the switch
but couldn't get any internet without my proxy settings which doesn't
help me. I also tried putting a hub between the router and firewall and
plugging into that but didn't have any luck.  I was also thinking of
creating a separate vlan on the switch but I am not to sure on how to
program the switch and tell it to route traffic in the separate vlan
directly to the router (if that is even possible). The switch is a 3com
superstack3 4250t. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do?
Thanks in advance,
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Right here... you can't use Win2k (at least not for much) without a
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Does anyone know of any good message boards or list servers for
networking? I have some network related issues and can't find an

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