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I personally wouldn't bother.  I'd rather spend the extra $200 on something
noticeable, like a gig of RAM or 200 GB of drivespace.  I think that
processors have advanced beyond the needs of today's applications.  Of
course, when it comes to games, this may not be true.  But I personally feel
that games should be played on an Atari, not a computer.  ;P

Ray at work 


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        Hey guys,


        Just ordered a gateway tower with 2gb ram and was wondering what you
would do in this case.  I can get the P4 3.4ghz processor, or get the 3.6ghz
for 200.00 more.  Is it worth the extra 200.00 to add .2 ghz to the machine?


        Using it for business but gaming as well.. J


        Thanks for the replies in advance,


        Eddie @ Bridgecom 

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