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Somebody Call Shula's and see if they deliver. He probably needs a good
steak about now. :)

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Jim Kenzig http://thin.net wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Just got out of the hospital after 3 weeks of pain and suffering from
> pancreatitis.  They removed my gallbladder and filled me full of
> wonderful IV fluids and antibiotics.  Everything I eat now tastes like
> medicine and my head feels like it is swimming in meds.  Anyways looks
> like I'll survive albeit minus a few body parts.

Glad to see you back!  Look at the bright side, now that they've removed
some body parts you probably weigh less.

Chris Berry
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JM Associates & Coast Business Service

"This message written on our state-of-the-art beowulf cluster of
nitrogen cooled, overclocked C64's"

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