[windows2000] Re: XP slow interacting from File server

  • From: Steve Snyder <kwajalein@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 16:16:05 -0700

since it's eventually getting there, my first thought is name
resolution. An easy way to check would be to add a entry in the PC's
host file, flush it's cache with a "nbtstat -R" commmand, and try it

If that seems to help, and the problem seems to affect everyone at the
same time, than there's like an issue with the DNS or WINS service(s).
If there are no remaining NT4/win9x PCs, then you can get rid of the
WINS service (and make sure that you remove WINS entries from the DHCP
scope and from any PC's statically assigned parameters.

Another possibility is that the switch's MAC tables are
corrupted/wrong/otherwise hosed. Clearig those out might be necessary
(you want to wait until after hours to try this)

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From: Toby Bierly <toby@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 14:36:29 -0700
Subject: [windows2000] XP slow interacting from File server
To: windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

At various times, everyone here in the office with an XP computer
(actually I think one of the complaints came from a W2K computer)
seems to complain that it takes forever to open up any files off of
the Windows SBS2000 server (which is also DC).  For example, they will
open Word and click File -> Open.  Everything is going great. They are
on top of the world.  But then they browse to the "G drive", which is
mapped to a folder on the SBS2000 server, and they are stuck waiting
30 seconds for the list of files and folders to show up.  Most of the
time it works ok, and then one afternoon it will be really slow, so
it's hard to figure out.
I have tried reading various KB articles from Windows but can't seem
to find one that describes this exact behaviour.  It's like something
doesn't get a correct response and it is stuck waiting to time out.
Anybody familiar with this?  Anything I should be doing to help
diagnose the problem.
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