[windows2000] Worm Breaks Speed Record from Discovery to Life

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Worm Breaks Speed Record from Discovery to Life
Tue Nov 9,10:51 AM ET

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A new computer worm emerged on Tuesday which broke the 
speed record from the announcement of a security vulnerability in Microsoft's 
Internet Explorer to a full-blown virus that spreads in the wild. 

Microsoft said the worm is a variant of MyDoom and that it was investigating 
the threat the worm poses. 

Some anti-virus companies said the new worm was different from MyDoom because 
it spreads via weblinks and not e-mail attachments. 

"People will receive an e-mail saying that their PayPal account has been 
credited or that they are invited to watch a webcam. When they click on the 
link, just by viewing a site it executes code and infects the computer," said 
technical consultant Graham Cluley at Sophos Anti-Virus. 

Microsoft was expected to issue its monthly batch of security patches later on 
Tuesday, but the company could not immediately say if a patch for the new worm 
would be part of it. 

However, the U.S. software giant said that consumers who had installed Service 
Pack 2 for Windows XP (news - web sites) were at a reduced risk. 

The weakness in Internet Explorer is known as the IFRAME buffer overflow 

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