[windows2000] Windows Server 2003 upgrade

  • From: Neil Bullock <n.bullock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 11:34:05 +0100 (BST)


Yesterday, I upgraded our first domain controller to 2003 from 2000.  
Went fine.  Excellent.  I was surprised, as it holds all the main FSMO 
roles and stuff.  Pleased by this success, I went on to upgrade another 
2000 DC (a domain controller in another domain) to 2003.

Copied files fine, rebooted, then blue screened.  I went into the 
recovery console, and stopped some services and drivers, and got it to 
boot, and it completed the installation.

Today, I find that people logging on to that domain are randomly 
unable to access shares.  Netlogon doesn't work for most people, so no 
logon scripts run.  No other shares work unless you map a drive, and 
most of the time that asks for a user/password and rejects whatever you 

Also, I can't access event viewer remotely, or services manager.

Unable to find anything relevant in the event log (there are a lot of 
errors relating to the processing of group policy, but that seems to 
have been fixed by SP1).

So, any ideas where to start on this?  I'm fresh out.


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