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  • Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 09:39:52 +0200

Sullivan, Glenn <> scribbled on Wednesday, October 24, 2007 7:41 PM:

Internal uni WUS-server. According to central it-support here, this was not
supposed to happen (it was rolled out as a new application, something that
should not happen), ie be automatically okayed by the WUS and rolled out to
all machines university-wide... We're waiting for an explanation from MS
Sweden on what went wrong.

We can't have unknown indexers autoinstall when they shouldn't, and that index
and potentielly upload secret and/or sensitive docs to Redmond or wherever the
servers are located. After all, we're doing basic research here and it might
be interesting for a 3rd party to snoop into and get a leg forward so to
speak. See my concern?

> Desktop search was just deployed yesterday via the WSUS.  Do you run
> that?
> I let it install everywhere, and it hasn't caused any problems other
> than users asking "What the heck is this search box on my taskbar?"
> Glenn Sullivan, MCSE+I MCDBA
> David Clark Company Inc.
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> Hi all,
> Windows Desktop Search just popped up on my computer's autoupdate
> thingie. I wasn't aware I had it installed so I guess it came with the
> Office 2007 File converter pack which I deployed recently.
> In any case now it wants to install v3.01. Should I let it? I remember
> when Google desktop search came and it was accused of all those bad
> things like letting ggogle know about docs one had on the harddrives and
> what not.
> So basically, should I be concerned and not let it install or is it just
> FUD?
> Any opinions are welcome.
> TIA.

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