[windows2000] Re: Windows 2000 ResKit Payware?

  • From: drtester@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 20:53:36 -0400

WHat is this, Ray is endorsing a NON-MICROSOFT PRODUCT????  I think the
world just stopped turning!!

We'll make him a Linux convert yet...

<g, d & r>

> You can tell him horror stories about companies spending tens of thousands
> of dollars on idiotic things like Tivoli and never having anyone learn how
> to use it when the whole time, everything that that stupid program can do
> can be done by Reskit tools.  Okay, there's one exception - remote control.
> But for that, there's VNC.  And how much does that cost again?  Oh yeah, $0.
> Kick your boss's ass.
> Ray at work

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