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How about choosing a restore point?


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Hi all,
I know this may be not the right place to ask, but there are people =
which might have some ideas on this ... One of our employes has its own =
XE3 notebook with Win XP HE SP1 and IE6 SP1. Now, few days ago this =
started to do this: whenever I try to open a folder, my comp., control
panel, IE or anything that requires explorer all I can see is a desktop
refresh and an this logged in Event Log /
"Source Winlogon"
"Event_ID 1002"
"The shell stopped unexpectedly and Exploere.exe was restarted" I've
searched the web blah blah, nothing found. Only this particular thing, =
doesn't behave as I said in Safe Mode, stopped services one by one until =
became unusable, removed late installed software, reinstalled IE6 SP1 =
then XP SP1. No help. What should I do next, except a fresh install?
Regards, Chris

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