[windows2000] Re: Why can't we get into Outlook?

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  • Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 12:35:13 -0500

Exchange Administrator --> Site --> Configuration properties --> Service
Account Password tab


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Let me start by giving a little bit of history.

For the last several weeks (8 to 10 weeks), our Internet connectivity at
work has been extremely poor.  Therefore, many things, such as critical
updates, were delayed in being put into place, imply because the smallest
download would take forever to perform, and then would always time out.
That has been resolved just last week when someone replaced some box
(something called a Link Bridge; I have no idea what it is), with another
box and that has really helped the situation very significantly.

That is all well and good, until yesterday when I applied the critical
updates to our Exchange Server 2000.  I applied installed the critical
updates that it had downloaded and rebooted the server.  When it came back
up, I discovered that no one could get into Outlook anymore.  It said
something like it wasn't able to reach the mail folders, etc.
Unfortunately, I ride a bus to work and so I couldn't work on it anymore.
Naturally, it is the first thing I am going to work on, once I get into work
this morning.

But the obvious question is; what happened?  Why did this occur?  I don't
understand how rebooting a server should make MS Exchange Server 2000 simply
become unavailable.  What could cause that to occur?

I know of only one thing that did happen, which may or may not, have
anything to do with it.  Last week I was away at some training.  While I was
gone one of my employees changed the password to the network Administrator
account.  I am certain that he did not reboot any of the servers after doing
that.  Could it be coincidence that my having to reboot the Exchange server,
after the Administrator password was changed, have anything to do with it?

We have a Windows 2000 Active Directory network running in native mode.


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