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Nvidia Geforce and Ati Radeon cards are fundamentally different in
the dx-handling. The nvidia approach is to do this via software
(drivers)while ati does this by hardware. For some games the former
is better, for some the latter. Nvidia cards I believe have always
been better at running opengl-based games, while ati has always
been better at dx-based games. In all practical manners, Ati has
more or less owned the gaming scene for the last year(s).

At least this was true for some time ago (last couple of years).
I'm not that into grahics cards anymore, ever since I bought my
radeon 9800pro. I've never had any need for a faster card yet. OTOH
I have not bought Doom3 yet either... 8-)

My opinion and my five öre.


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From: Robert K Coffman Jr - Info From Data Corporation
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They make cards based on NVidia's chips.  They may also tweak
NVidia's reference drivers for their own cards, but I haven't
followed vid cards lately so i'm not sure if this is still a common
practice.  NVidia's own drivers have worked well for me. 
- Bob Coffman 
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Am I right in saying that the same card is made by all of these
companies? (the nvidia geforce 6800)  



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