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  • From: Chris Berry <chris_berry-list-windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 12:35:12 -0700

drew2@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

For numerous reasons, I've become curious as to both username and mail name
preferences among netadmins/sysadmins/anyone working in IT, etc. Because that
is probably as clear as mud, I'll elaborate (and in all examples of names, I'll
be using my own name, Andrew Shriner, and geekdrew.net as the domain):

One company that I've worked with has their domain username policy defined as
AndrewShriner, while they have their e-mail addressing policy defined as
ashriner@; they don't have a well defined policy on what happens if there are
duplicate usernames or addressing names; they are simply dealt with by
whichever admin creates the account.

Another company that I work with uses AndrewShriner as the domain username, and
AndrewShriner@ for addressing; in case of duplication, they start inserting
characters building the middle name, and append numbers to the end of the names
if duplication occurs on completely full names (which has yet to happen).

A university I've worked with uses Shriner.X for addressing, where X is a number
from 1 to i, incrementally. They have no defined username strucutre; it depends
on what department you're a member of and what type of coffee your netadmin had
that day as to what your domain username might wind up being.

Another university I've worked with uses XY for domain authentication and
addressing, where X is 'as' (first initial, last initial), and Y is a five
digit number, incrementing upon X.

The school district I work for at the moment has a domain user naming scheme
consisting of aShriner (lowercase first initial, full last name (I'm not going
to get into the case sensitivity debate in regards to this policy; that's the
way it's written. I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on it though)) and the
addressing scheme follows the domain username -or- FirstName.LastName@ (this
policy is staff only). All of our students are assigned to a certain vocational
program, and their usernames follow format CSaShriner, where CS is their
assigned program code. I've personally got more than a little tired of this
scheme, for numerous reasons (namely, renaming student accounts *all the time*
when they move between programs). Another netadmin and I are discussing
proposing ShrinerAndrew becoming the username of choice for all users, and
inserting the middle name at the end for duplication.

So... what format does everyone prefer, and for what reasons? Answer one or the
other, or both, if you will. I'm particularly interested in opinions regarding
a corporate setting, but those applying to education are always welcome too!

And now, I need to learn to be less long-winded.

Thanks, y'all.

We use firstname_lastname for usernames and firstname_lastname@ for email addresses. We have not yet had any naming conflicts, but would probably solve that issue by using the middle name and/or a number. This is slightly longer than many other conventions, but it's incredibly convenient for us here in IT.

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