[windows2000] Re: Upgrading to gigabit network

  • From: Chris Buechler <win2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 15:28:07 -0500

Ray Costanzo wrote:
At home, I have a 100Mbps network setup and I'm trying to find out if it'd be worth upgrading my hardware to support gigabit speeds. I'm doing a lot of moving large files among machines, and it takes quite a while. But, is the speed more determined by the target machine's hard drive? The network speed? Something else? Most of the machines in my domain have ordinary ATA/100 7200 RPM hard drives. It takes about 23 minutes to move a 4.3 GB file from my machine to another. I have one 16 port switch and four 4-8 port switches I'd have to replace, so before incurring that expense, I'd like to know if there'd be any real benefit to it.

That's only about 3.2 MB/sec, or 25.6 Mbps. 100 Mb Ethernet wire speed is roughly 11 MB/sec, ~90 Mbps. So no, upgrading to gigabit isn't likely to help at all since you're only using a little more than a quarter of the capacity of your 100 Mb network. I'd suggest starting with something like iperf to test the maximum throughput your network supports (it doesn't involve disk I/O on either end, so takes that part out of the equation). If you can't get close to or more than 90 Mbps with iperf, start troubleshooting your network (NIC's, switches, cabling), or potentially other system issues (CPU pegged during transfer is the most common network bottleneck when disk I/O is out of the question, because of the interrupt handling).

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