[windows2000] Re: Upgrading to gigabit network

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Without doing any calculations (as if I would know how) how much time
does it take to copy that same file from one hard drive on a machine to
another hard drive on that same machine. If it is significantly less
than 23 minutes then my guess is it you would benefit from a faster
I know there are other things that happen to the file when you start
moving it from one hard drive and go over the network to another
computer and hard drive but if transferring it from one HD to another on
the same machine also takes about 23 minutes than I am pretty sure a
faster network will not help.


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Hi group,
At home, I have a 100Mbps network setup and I'm trying to find out if
it'd be worth upgrading my hardware to support gigabit speeds.  I'm
doing a lot of moving large files among machines, and it takes quite a
while.  But, is the speed more determined by the target machine's hard
drive?  The network speed?  Something else?  Most of the machines in my
domain have ordinary ATA/100 7200 RPM hard drives.  It takes about 23
minutes to move a 4.3 GB file from my machine to another.  I have one 16
port switch and four 4-8 port switches I'd have to replace, so before
incurring that expense, I'd like to know if there'd be any real benefit
to it.
Thank you,
Ray at home

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