[windows2000] Re: Two NICs & two networks

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  • Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 07:50:59 -0400


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> From: Spriggs Jon
> As I recall, in the options, there should be a tick box for 
> "Allow Local LAN access"... But I don't exactly know which 
> Cisco dialer I've got, compared to yours. Having said that, 
> I've connected to my machines at home without any difficulty 
> while I've been VPN'd into work, and my "Allow local lan access"
> is turned off. Hmmmm.

Sure enough, there is a "allow local LAN access" checkbox.  I just checked
that and connected, but was still unable to access any of the 192.168.0.*
computers (the ones on my home network).  I at least have something a little
more specific to Google now.  Thanks.
> Are you able to change IP addresses of machines at home 
> without too much bother? It may be worth changing your home 
> range to 10.x.x.x?

I was thinking about changing them all to 192.168.1.*, but then I was afraid
that if I successfully got my computer to someday be a "bridge" between the
two networks, my home computers wouldn't start having IP conflicts with
computer's at work.  :]

> Have you tried pinging a machine on your local network? Do 
> you get a response? If not, what's the error message you're getting?

That I had tried, and just got a normal timeout.

Ray at home

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