[windows2000] Re: Tracking someone logging onto my PC

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Thanks Glenn,

Just wanted to clarify it. If I use that feature, I will set it for one
minute, then I will stand there and wait for it! :-) Even when I use the
power down (monitor), I will lock the computer (I have an icon on the
taskbar) by clicking the icon, thus as stated, one doesn't have to worry
about if the screensaver will work or not work! :-)

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>I think he is saying that you shouldn't rely on the timing feature of a
>screen saver to lock up your machine.
>I have had times where I have been gone from my desk for an hour and my
>screen saver never came on, and it is set (and verified) at 2 minutes.
>Three-finger salute as I stand up from my desk is my habit now.
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