[windows2000] Tightening security in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office

  • From: Spriggs Jon <Jon.Spriggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 08:17:25 -0000

Hi all,

I have a fairly tight security policy on a network I'm involved with, and
one of the items is that users are not allowed to open more than one
terminal server session at once.

I've locked things down in that the start menu is wiped and re-created each
login, users are unable to access local drives, just their home drives
(stored on a central file store).

I have two problems, first is that the users access the terminal server via
a web page in kiosk mode, but we also allow users to access other internet
pages. They are able to go to the View -> Explorer Bar -> History to bring
up a second session. The other thing they do is create an object in a word
or excel document to open the web page.

So, my questions are: 

1) Does anyone have any suggestions on how to tie down the History bar,
either on what you can see in there, or how to prevent it from opening?
2) Is there any way to search for documents containing DDE links?

I know I've raised the bar fairly high on this one, and they'll just find
another way to evade me... but at least it'll give me a couple of days
respite :)


Jon Spriggs
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