[windows2000] Re: Terminal Services Printer Redirection

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  • Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 14:10:44 -0000

The LJ1000 is famously incompatible and as a GUI printer you cannot alias it
to something that works.

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    Do you have the LaserJet 1000 drivers loaded on the server?  If not,
install them as though you had the printer on LPT1, then you can delete the
drivers later (just don't have it remove the files).  Another thing to try
is using the Windows XP client instead of the Windows 2000 terminal client.
The Windows XP client works much better specifically in regard to printers.
It should already be installed on your XP system under: Start -> Programs/
All Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> Remote Desktop Connection.
If it's not installed, you can install the remote desktop connection from
the XP CD.

    Although normally I don't doubt Jim and Jim says it's impossible, I'd
encourage you not to give up yet.  I have had fits getting printers to work,
but once I get drivers loaded everywhere things seemed to work most of the
time.  The XP terminal client is a big helpful part too.

    BTW. If you can terminal server in then you have the firewall and
networks setup right.  The printer information travels inside the RDP TCP
connection, so once you've established that connection through the firewall,
all the "channels" inside such as printing, sound (in later versions), etc
should flow right through your firewalls.

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Subject: [windows2000] Terminal Services Printer Redirection

> Dear List,
> I am trying to print at home from a terminal services session with a
> server at work, using automatic printer redirection.  When I am logged
> on, my home printer does show up in the server's list of printers as
> expected, but I receive an error when I attempt to actually print
> anything, even a test page.
> More detail:
> At work, we have a cable Internet connection, with the cable modem
> connected directly to a Linksys router, which is then connected to the
> rest of the network.  I have set up the router to pass through any
> requests for port 3389 (the one used by Terminal Services), to a
> Windows 2000 Server.  We have set up Terminal Services Licensing but
> have not yet bought any actual client access licenses:  as I understand
> it, the license server will provide a free 90-day license anyway to
> clients, and we've got about 85 days left right now.  I also used the
> terminal services client creator (32-bit) to create a pair of
> installation floppies.
> At home, I am running Windows XP Home, and I used the floppies to
> install the terminal services client.  I now connect to the router by
> its IP address, and it successfully passes through that request to the
> Windows 2000 server, where I can log on quite happily.
> At home, I also have an HP Laserjet 1000 Series printer connected to my
> computer via USB.  I plugged it in, then installed it using the
> appropriate Windows XP printer drivers from HP's web site.  Then, over
> the Terminal Services connection, I installed the appropriate Windows
> 2000 printer drivers on the server, also from HP's web site.  Just to
> be sure of things, I then reinstalled the Terminal Services client and
> rebooted my home computer, and when I connected to the server, lo and
> behold but there was my home printer.  Except that when I tried to
> print to it, I received a very uninformative alert stating simply that
> there had been an error in printing.
> What can I do about this?
> Yours,
> Kivi
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