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Sorry dude,
You are SOL the HP LaserJet 1000 is not supported in terminal services
unless you buy a third party utility that will allow it to use both the USB
and the 1000 as a universal printer driver such as Screwdrivers FXP by
triCerat.com or Universal Printer by Emergent Online
(http://www.go-eol.com )
See the HP compatibility list at:

Jim Kenzig

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Dear List,

I am trying to print at home from a terminal services session with a
server at work, using automatic printer redirection.  When I am logged
on, my home printer does show up in the server's list of printers as
expected, but I receive an error when I attempt to actually print
anything, even a test page.

More detail:

At work, we have a cable Internet connection, with the cable modem
connected directly to a Linksys router, which is then connected to the
rest of the network.  I have set up the router to pass through any
requests for port 3389 (the one used by Terminal Services), to a
Windows 2000 Server.  We have set up Terminal Services Licensing but
have not yet bought any actual client access licenses:  as I understand
it, the license server will provide a free 90-day license anyway to
clients, and we've got about 85 days left right now.  I also used the
terminal services client creator (32-bit) to create a pair of
installation floppies.

At home, I am running Windows XP Home, and I used the floppies to
install the terminal services client.  I now connect to the router by
its IP address, and it successfully passes through that request to the
Windows 2000 server, where I can log on quite happily.

At home, I also have an HP Laserjet 1000 Series printer connected to my
computer via USB.  I plugged it in, then installed it using the
appropriate Windows XP printer drivers from HP's web site.  Then, over
the Terminal Services connection, I installed the appropriate Windows
2000 printer drivers on the server, also from HP's web site.  Just to
be sure of things, I then reinstalled the Terminal Services client and
rebooted my home computer, and when I connected to the server, lo and
behold but there was my home printer.  Except that when I tried to
print to it, I received a very uninformative alert stating simply that
there had been an error in printing.

What can I do about this?


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