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By the way another way to use this utility would be for you to have a
static IP for one user and have another user get DHCP settings. SO you
would not have to change any settings in a firewall if you have a DHCP
server for your external users.  Think of the possiblities!
Jim Kenzig

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I have to admit I have been using this utility on my workstation for a
few weeks and it works AWESOME!
Worth checking out.  This is an ideal utility if you have for example a
training room, or auditorium PC  where you have both internal and
external users.  The internal users can logon and get one IP and the
external ones can get another IP.   You can then use router access lists
for the 2 different IP's to allow or deny what you want. 
Jim Kenzig
http://thin.net <http://thin.net> 

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Subject: [THIN] Assign IP By Logon - new download

Most of you probably remember a few weeks ago Jim asking about assigning
IP address based on user logon.  Well, working with Jim we've developed
an application to acheive this and a few other things to boot, namely
-  Assign IP address based on logging on username
-  Customisable IP/NetBIOS etc. parameters by username
-  Post change scripting to allow static route addition etc.
-  In multi-adapter workstations select the adapter that get's changed
-  Specify the users default shell, explorer, custom EXE of even direct
seamless RDP to a Terminal Server
Due to the speed of change of this app the doc's have been left slightly
behind but will be updated very shortly.  Anyone wanting to look at this
is free to visit our site and download a copy.  
URL is: (link may wrap)
If you do or have any comments regarding this please mail me offlist at
mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
The website still has a buy me now link on this product, ignore that -
if you want to use all the features please use the email button on the
registration page and we'll activate it for list members free of charge
(current version only) if you refer to this email.

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