[windows2000] Re: Strange explorer window on startup

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  • Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 08:41:36 -0600

Completely uninstall Systemworks to remove whatever is forcing that folder
to open, reboot, reinstall.

Michael Hauck 
Network Administrator 
HiRel Systems 

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Thanks Jim.
Looked, but no blanks, no joy.
Got plan "B"?

. wrote:
> Suddenly, one day, without me doing anything (yeah, right, but I sure 
> don't recall doing anything) on boot, I get an explorer window open to 
> one of the Norton directories.  (I know, I know)
> So, I have looked in all the normal startup places, used startup cop, 
> and even downloaded autorun from sysinternals, but cannot find where the 
> darn thing is starting from.
> Anyone had this happen, and have a solution?
> OS W2K, Norton Systemworks 2001
> Mark
Look for an entry that does not have a value (blank entry in right 
pane)on your hklm/software/Microsoft/Windows/current version/Run key
Delete it.
Jim Kenzig


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