[windows2000] Re: Strange Problem with Windows Explorer and IE

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  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 14:24:44 +0200

Have you checked for virusses?
Dennis Appelboom

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        This is *REALLY* weird and I haven't been able to find anything
out there that discusses this problem.
        I have several Windows 2000 SP3 servers with IE6.1 installed.
When I open Windows Explorer, I get the list of available drives in the
left-side pane, but the right side never shows.  The globe in the
upper-right corner spins and spins, but never shows anything on the
right side.  If I hit F5 to refresh, the list is displayed immediately.
Incredibly annoying....
        Then to make things interesting, surfing web pages (i.e.,
Windows Update) is a challenge.  When I type a URL into IE, the globe
spins and spins and never displays anything.  I hit F5, but nothing
happens.  If I resize the window ever so slightly, the page is
        HELP!  Either my server or I are going insane!  :)
        - Dave
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