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Thanks Glenn. We tried that rename option, but it was not having it, something 
to do with not being able to rename the master log file. Anyway it was all part 
of reviewing the backup stratergy that I found that a log backup and truncate 
had not been done for about 1yr, hence the large log file. Anyway this is a 
site I have just recently taken on, so I guess I am likely to see a few things 
not quite as i would hope. We managed to backup the old log file and the rename 
it and them had sql create a new blank log file with the dettached and attach 
command, once that was done we were able to delete the old log file. Shame tho 
that you backup a file and as sql to truncate it, but the actual file does not 

Thanks anyway

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BTW, if you have a 350mb database, and a 69GB log file, there is something 
seriously wrong with your backup strategy... I would definately look at that as 
Glenn Sullivan, MCSE+I MCDBA
David Clark Company Inc. 

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Hi Guys,
Not quite sure if I would find the answer here, but I will ask anyway.
We have an SQL server 2000, with a DB Fire-fly2000.mdb (350mb), and a 
corresponding logfile Fire-fly2000.ldf (69GB). Now the issue is that we want to 
shink the .ldf file cos of disk space, but we are having a problem with the 
naming convention. SQL does not like - in names. Is there a way we can get 
around this?

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